About Goldness

Goldness is a UK-established online jewellery store creating and delivering superior quality jewellery whilst providing affordability.  

Goldness's sole principle is providing each customer satisfaction with the quality, price, speed of delivery and durability of each order. 

Beginning this company was something that I wanted to do a while ago and there are multiple reasons why I wanted to do this. I have an immense passion for jewellery but that solely is not the motive why I began this Journey. I took advantage of picking the most unique, elegant, dainty necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I would stack them up and layer them to perfection so that so many people would appeal to them. I decided to put together my collection which would be affordable and long-lasting. Some unique and dainty pieces and some trendy, ones that you can swap around!

Jewellery is confidence, it’s your style. I have picked the finest high-quality products, 18k gold plated, tarnish-free, water-resistant and natural freshwater pearls. These products are long-lasting at the finest quality and price! My mission is to build confidence and let people explore their styles. For people not to worry about them tarnishing or taking them off at the beach, shower or gym. I want full enjoyment and plenty of wear from each product.

I did this because I felt like jewellery changed my style to whatever character I wanted to be! Classic, trendy, cute, smart, professional, sexy etc. Everyone should have some basic pieces for layering, some dress-up pieces and most important some unique pieces. I want all my customers to discover exactly what they are looking for, something that they will love forever and that represents who they are. I believe that jewellery characterises your story and reveals your personality to bring the best out of you.

I was a jewellery collector since I was very young and jewellery for me was my greatest passion. I used to find the most promising pieces to mix and match and with that, I built the most beautiful jewellery collection. one thing that I found very difficult was it took me a very long time to find the most amazing pieces. This was because not a lot of jewellery stores had all types of jewellery, so what I’ve created with my store is something that I’ve always dreamt of as a little girl. I’ve created a store where you can get the most amazing pearls, the most amazing vintage, tannish-free, 18-carat gold-plated jewellery. I hope you find your missing pieces and enjoy creating a beautiful collection.

I want to thank you for noticing and sporting my business. You are being valued as a customer and your trust and support is much appreciated it.❤️